it’s a No from me.

“This is a little ways away, but after Labor Day is honestly going to work best for me. August is pretty packed already and I’m not scheduling anything else in this month,” I messaged back.

In so many words, I sent her a respectful “No.” I knew she would most likely pass on scheduling anything at all knowing that she would have to wait an entire month.

It was the second No I handed out the first week of this month following my mini-breakdown and newfound hate for balance.


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When everything was calm and still, it felt like I had an abundance of time. I had an empty calendar that needed to be filled. And so I filled it, with networking events, coffee dates, business workshops, random service opportunities, business planning, serving on an event planning committee, Meetups, cleaning our Airbnb rooms, messaging guests, writing, and more.

Despite my already cramped schedule, I decided to try and serve on another event planning committee. And this is what broke the camel’s back.

If you can’t tell, I have a tendency to overcommit myself. I sign up for anything and everything that seems relevant and beneficial to whatever it is I’m pursuing at the moment. Every time I do this, however, it eventually leads to overwhelm and burn out. Based on what I have read and heard from others, I know I’m not alone in this.

So when I realized that the time commitment for this second event planning committee was significantly higher than I expected, I got stressed every time I tried to figure out how to fit it in my schedule. So stressed I had to free myself, and just say No. I had to turn around and say No despite being the one that reached out and expressed interest in serving on this committee. And it did not come with ease. I first tried to say well maybe I can commit X hours per week and provide a list of the tasks I was willing and able to help with. The stress didn’t go away, it got worse. I knew deep down, the answer needed to be a hard no.

Why do we struggle so much to tell others no? People pleasing, avoidance of conflict, and fear of missing out (FOMO) are among several reasons we have such a hard time with this short, two letter word. But it’s probably one of the most important words in our vocabulary, a word I need to use more often.

So I implemented a ‘Yes’ Ban for the month of August.

So far, this has meant telling someone that I am not available to connect in person for the next 4 weeks. I also told my husband that I was not going to commit to joining him to meet up with friends this past Sunday evening at a festival. Even when he looked at me and said, “I didn’t realize that applied to me,” I reaffirmed that I’m not committing to anything else this month and I’m doing this guilt free. We could play it by ear, but I knew that I would very likely not want to go do this thing when Sunday evening came.

Caveat – When I implemented the ‘Yes’ ban I was willing to make exceptions for meetings with my business advisor and meetings where my absence would mean neglecting a major responsibility. 

Anything else, it would be a No.

I started making some Energy Budget Cuts.

C over at Driftyness gets the credit for this one, I stole the term from her.

I compiled a list of all my current commitments and responsibilities. For the items that I no longer wish to be responsible for, that don’t have a clear end date, I put one. This means making tough choices like deciding to move forward with finding a new home for our 2 dogs. For the items that I don’t intend to take off my plate, like Airbnb for example, I jotted down solutions to make these items less time-consuming.

I deactivated and deleted my Facebook and GroupMe accounts. I turned off almost all notifications on my phone, only allowing phone calls and the Airbnb app to alert me in the moment.

And after a moment of clarity, I decided to stop trying to build two businesses at the same time, and picked just one. The one that was most in alignment with my core value of Freedom.

And then I….

Put a filter on it.

Moving forward, all further commitments are filtered through and must pass this 4 question test in order for me to say Yes.

  1. What purpose does this serve?
  2. How does this contribute to me achieving my goals or living the life I want to live?
  3. What problems will I invite into my life by doing this?
  4. Does committing to this violate any of my core values?

If it’s not a Definite, Hard Yes after answering these questions, then it’s a No from me. This isn’t an easy task. It requires slowing down in order to be intentional about every single decision. And it means potentially dealing with conflict when telling others No. However, I’m learning that respect often follows us when we use this word.

“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.” – Josh Billings

So Friends, what has been your experience in learning to say No? What criteria do you use to determine whether you should commit to something?

Until Next Time,



balance is bullsh*t

I look at my Google calendar, then my to do list. I mentally review all of my responsibilities and current commitments. I think about all the new relationships I’m building and remember that I was supposed to reach out to Mary last week to schedule a lunch date and forgot. I’m overdue for a phone call with my grandmother and it’s probably time to schedule coffee dates with Joe, Jane, and Susie again. I get overwhelmed and head to take my 3rd shit and it’s not even 10am yet. I see my non-existent waist in the mirror and feel even worse because I can’t find the time to properly nourish myself these days. I’m back down to my high school weight. I wash my hands while looking in the mirror at my dark circles and dry hair and somehow convince myself to keep going. And then I head to my closet office with no windows that I can’t bear to sit in another day.


I sit there and silently resent whoever turned balance into a trending topic, because I’m convinced it doesn’t actually exist. It feels like this perfect and unachievable thing we all cling to but will never reach. Although I feel like it can never be obtained, it doesn’t stop me from wanting it, craving it, as I attempt to not drown in this unbelievably challenging and overwhelming season of my life.

I want you to take a moment to think about a time you felt you were living a balanced life. A time when you got 7-8 hours of sleep every night, exercised regularly, consistently ate a nutritious diet, kept in touch with all your close family and friends on a regular basis, stayed on top of everything at work, had all your finances in order, gave your best to your spouse or partner, didn’t have to turn your child away because you were too busy, kept up with the news, your spiritual practices, and self-care activities, and felt emotionally and mentally stable.

Please share with me that moment in time when all of this was true for you, all at the same time, for an extended period of time.

*moment of silence* 

If you’re a real human being, that was probably a struggle for you. But maybe I’m just being an ass and making assumptions. So I guess I’ll just speak for myself.

At no point has my life ever felt balanced. If I was eating well and getting enough sleep, I probably struggled to incorporate regular exercise. If I was buried in the books studying, I probably wasn’t sleeping or socializing. If I was focused on my relationship, I was most likely neglecting my friendships.

And for some reason we have been convinced that this is wrong. We’re made to feel guilty when we start a new job or bring a child into the world, and exercise, sleep, and keeping in touch with friends falls off. We’re told we’re not doing something right when we accept that promotion and work into the evening or on weekends and miss out on time with our spouse or kids. We’re shamed for eating pb&j or ramen as an adult, when we’re just trying to save money and get out of fucking debt.

A cloud of guilt sweeps over me whenever my husband lies in bed next to me at 8:30pm and I’m still on my laptop working. I think about how friends have called me the outsider when I “disappear” and wonder if they think that right now because I haven’t been chatting much. I beat myself up as I seriously wonder if I’ve talked to my grandmother on the phone since seeing her in May.  I hope that my 2 dogs will soon be blessed with a new fur momma because they’re lucky to get a walk once a week.

And again, I curse at the person, the people that sear into our brains these perfect, unrealistic, and unachievable ideals. These people that have us playing this never-ending game of trying to stand straight up on a tightrope for hours on end. This game of equally distributing care, time, and attention to each area of our lives. This game where the rules say that we must take action – do more, do less, meditate, take a yoga class, go for a walk, sit on the couch with a glass of wine, take a bubble bath, unplug, go on vacation, treat yourself, don’t answer that email – out of fear that if we lean too heavily to one side we might fall off the tightrope and die.


I quit this game. I quit at trying to live this perfectly balanced life. In fact, I’m throwing “balance” in the trash with a lit match.

Every stage of life is a season, a temporary state of being. Just when we’re getting adjusted, there will be a death in the family, a promotion, a relocation to a new city, a baby, a marriage, a breakup, a financial emergency, a health issue, a marathon, book launch, job loss, you name it, that will throw your life out of wack.

There will be sleepless nights, bad diets, even worse hair days, angry outbursts, full days spent on the couch, long days getting shit done, unanswered texts, heartache, financial abundance, bank account on E, bliss, joy, sorrow, stagnation, and growth.

And you know what?! IT’S OKAY! TELL YOURSELF, IT’S OKAY! It’s okay to ebb and flow between easy seasons and hard seasons. Accept it. Bask in it. Embrace it. Don’t force yourself to meditate for 10 minutes every day because someone said it’s one of 6 steps to find balance in your life.

Balance does not exist in the hard moments. It does not exist during busy seasons. Free yourself from the daunting task of keeping everything at a happy medium, at average, at just good all of the time.

Life right now is uncomfortable, sometimes painful. But so was life before Columbus, just in different ways. I look back at my previous life; I shudder and wish to never go back. Although I can’t yet see the light at the end of the tunnel, I know it’s there.

So I refuse to delicately stand on this tightrope, looking down at my impending death, trying not to move an inch. We get nothing done in this state. We cannot master a skill or trade. We cannot do great things living like this. We cannot make an impact.

I want to make an impact. Do you? 

If so, jump off the tightrope with me. I guarantee you, an early death is not awaiting you at the bottom.

Friends – are you also sick of this balance bull shit too? Leave me a comment! Let me know your thoughts…. and don’t forget to hit subscribe.

Until next time,


don’t let fear block your financial blessing.

Well hello there! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? *sigh* I’m working on this not being my greeting every time I sit down to share with you. You know it’s bad when you get a gentle reminder from your own mother that you’re overdue for a blog post. Almost 28 and she’s still keeping me in check. Thanks Mom!

I sit here and I’m just in complete awe at how my life went from peaceful, quiet, calm, and slow, to busy, loud, chaotic and somewhat hard to manage. My color coded calendar looks like someone shit skittles all over my computer screen. I regularly open my fridge, see wine sitting on the shelf and think about how I’d just love to sit on my couch and chug the whole bottle, no glass. I feel like I’m on my way to getting my introvert card revoked. And what the fuck is rest?! I don’t even know what that means.

As I sit here and write this I feel myself getting a little hot and bothered. I miss the calm. I miss my quiet, peaceful house that is now filled with stranger’s footsteps and the sound of a vacuum sucking up 10 lbs of dog hair every day. (I have zero carpet in my house and I use a vacuum on a daily basis. There’s something wrong here.) And this I think is why nature has become my happy place. Because my mind and soul gets to rest. I get to escape and disconnect from all the crazy in this world. And for a short moment, I get to sit. Write. Be. I am unreachable here. But only for a moment.

Sitting down to try and process everything that happened and everything I took away from quarter 2 is insanely difficult. But I’ll do my best to catch you up to speed.

  • My husband and I became Airbnb hosts in April and rarely have our home to ourselves anymore.
  • I finished a 5 mile race without stopping even though I had never ran more than 2.5 miles straight.
  • I completed a 4 week business program and am currently working with business advisors to bring this little idea of mine to life.
  • I have attended more networking, community, and business events than I can even count.
  • I finally created my Meetup group as a way to build community with women here in Columbus, and am regularly hosting meetups.
  • I have shed quite a few frustration filled tears.
  • I almost gave up.
  • And then I threw the enemy my middle finger and said, “Not Today.”

As I sit underneath a tree amongst beautifully crafted topiary statues, I wonder what it is I can leave you with on this beautiful Friday afternoon.


I have two things for you coming out of quarter 2.

Don’t let fear block your financial blessing.

Re-read that again. One more time please. Third times a charm? Or do you need to read it again? I’ll wait.

I almost let the fear of strangers in my home keep me from listing our extra bedroom on Airbnb. I’m a petite woman and my husband frequently travels for work. I’m sure you can understand why I had reservations about this. But since I didn’t have a steady paycheck coming in, I decided to finally let go of my fear and begrudgingly said we could try it out. Oooo chile!

We were booked every single night in June and earned our mortgage payment that month. When we saw the calendar filling up, my husband looked at me and suggested making some alterations to our home to accommodate a second listing. He gave up his office space and put my ass in a closet. Less than 30 days later, our former office turned bedroom was ready to go. We weren’t at capacity this month yet made 150% of our mortgage, and are now making plans to have an additional apartment built on our property. The Boone BnB Empire is expanding and I praise God for the 3 men that created this company. Beyond the actual dollars coming in, I have continued freedom and flexibility from something I almost stiff armed.

Maybe Airbnb isn’t for you. Cool, I won’t debate you. But there’s a position you’re too afraid to apply for. A business you’re too scared to start that could replace your $50,000 salary with a 6 or 7 figure one. You know you should be investing in real estate, but risk makes you cringe. You’re afraid to quit that job you hate because it scares the shit out of you to not have a steady paycheck. You think you’ll be judged for starting that blog and sharing your voice with the world. You’re settling for a mundane life because you’re too afraid to go after your dreams. Fill in the blank with whatever it is that you’re too afraid to take action on.

Throw that all the fuck away and go get your financial blessing and the life you deserve! It’s on the other side of fear, just sitting there waiting for you!

and the second thing I want to tell you, is….

Honey! You better take advantage of FREE.

*3 finger snaps*

I’m not exactly sure why people don’t value free stuff, free resources, and free advice. Maybe it’s because they didn’t struggle growing up, I don’t know? But I remember wearing the bootleg 4 stripe sneakers from Payless while everyone else had real Adidas. I remember being in high school and having to rotate the same 2 pairs of spandex out during volleyball season – one pair for practice, one pair for games – because my mom couldn’t afford more than that. And my first year of grad school I slept on an air mattress in the middle of my Dad’s living room, only upgrading to a couch my second year.

I didn’t grow up rich, so I highly value what’s available to me for free or at low cost. I’m well aware that the 4 week program I completed, access to my business advisor(s) for as long as I need them, and the women’s 6 month + mentoring program I’m in costs thousands of dollars. So yes, I did what I needed to do to get in, and yes I take it seriously.

I found out about this mentoring program 3 hours before it was scheduled to start. I didn’t have approval to join and the next round isn’t scheduled to begin again until February. I decided to go to a friend’s birthday event 2 hours late and showed up to orientation, not knowing if the instructor would let me participate.

When my advisor looked at me and said “I don’t want you to miss something you already had planned.” I was puzzled. Why would I pass up this opportunity? It’s not that often you come across a product or service that’s free. You better take what you can get and you better not let an opportunity pass you by.


It’s not easy confronting fears. It’s not easy trying to move past discomfort. But every time I do, I find more and more joy on the other side. I get closer and closer to living the life I want to live. And I prove to myself that I can do the things that I’ve said I could never and would never be able to do. I only want the same for you.

My friends, what fears are you overcoming? What important lessons are you learning this year? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you!  

Until next time,

– Kaje



it’s not their job to check on you.

One of my blogger babes, Tati, over at Talks with Tati wrote a piece about the trending topic, “check on your strong friend.” I read it and found myself tapping away on my keyboard for like 15+ minutes writing this long response at 11:30 at night when I should have been sleeping. And then I decided to cut and paste and process some more later.

If you’re living under a rock, or you’re a more extreme me and don’t consume ANY news at all, let me catch you up to speed. Some people are sending reminders for you to check on your strong friend after the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. On the flip side there are strong friends telling the world that they are that strong friend and asking to be checked on.

I must admit, I was struggling a little bit after reading Tati’s post. Once in a blue moon, the thought “Hey! Yeah you! I’m over here. Have you checked on me lately?” pops into my head. This used to happen more in the past, not as much now. When it does happen though, I pretty quickly decide to swat that thought away and tell myself I can’t and don’t rely on anyone else to check on me. While I think it’s true that we need people who are in our corner to support us during our struggles, I also think we need to be okay when people don’t check on us. Now, I currently do not struggle with a diagnosable mental health disorder, so I am strictly speaking from my mentally healthy point of view and how I personally choose to approach this.

Speaking from experience, when I start to think “Why doesn’t anyone check on me?” It creates an environment in which I begin to build up resentment and disappointment toward certain individuals, which only exacerbates the situation and makes me feel worse. So I remind myself that it is not anyone’s job or obligation to check on me. The same goes for you.

People disappoint. Point. Blank. Period. I don’t believe that to be a negative statement, it’s just a fact. We are humans and we disappoint one another, most times unintentionally. So I try not to expect the people who lean on me as the strong friend to also be my strong friend. That expectation would set me up for disappointment. I’m their strong friend, they aren’t necessarily mine.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect and equal amount of reciprocity in relationships. We all serve a particular role in different people’s lives. I look at it like this – God is using me to pour into that person(s). Their role is not necessarily to pour back into me, it’s to provide me with opportunities to cheerfully serve and give, to practice the compassion muscle, and to become a better listener, among many other things. So I don’t rely on someone that doesn’t have the capacity to be my strong friend to be my strong friend and fill my cup up.

It’s MY cup. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. No one else’s name is written on it. It’s mine and mine only. I gotta be the one to get up and walk to the faucet, turn the water on, and let it pour in. If I wait for someone else to check on me, my cup will never get filled. It would be the equivalent of searching for a drop of water in a desert. Sorry not sorry, but I’m not leaving that in someone else’s hands anymore.

And I no longer choose to harbor negative feelings toward those that don’t ask me how I’m doing or check on me as often as I check on them. Especially because I’m sure I fall short sometimes as well. We all have lives, jobs or businesses, kids or pets, problems, bills, piles of undone laundry, leaky faucets, deaths in the family, work functions, networking events, marriage or relationship problems, and the list goes on.

It’s pretty freaking hard to keep up with what’s going on in my own life these days. My husband can’t even keep up with all that I’m doing and all that’s going on for me right now. How could I expect a friend whom I don’t communicate with on a daily basis to keep up? I don’t equate someone not reaching out to say “how are you?” as they don’t love me or care about me. There are many days when I think about someone, but don’t send a text or pick up the phone. I do however say a quick prayer for them, or ask God to send good vibes their way, or just simply say in my head, “I miss you and am thinking about you.” I imagine that others do that for me as well and that’s enough for me.

If by chance I were to ever struggle with mental health issues in the future and commit suicide, I would never want anyone feeling guilty for not reaching out often enough or feeling like that was the phone call or text that could have saved my life. It’s way more complicated than that.

I definitely agree with Tati that it’s nice to be checked on. It warms my heart when I get those texts or phone calls or when I get to share with someone face to face how my life is going. But there may be several months where one of those texts doesn’t come through. Weeks may go by without a ‘checking on you’ phone call. Friends may be going through a busy or challenging season and are having legit difficulty scheduling lunch or dinner.

Fully knowing that there is the possibility that someone out there thinks I’m not being a good enough friend, I don’t hold it against them. I just do my best and forgive myself when I don’t.

While I try not to get in the habit of giving instructions, I’d like to share a few suggestions for the strong friends that feel like they don’t get checked on.

Practice Gratitude.

Don’t focus on those that don’t check on you. Practice gratitude toward the ones that do. I’m sure you have at least one person that reaches out to you regardless of the frequency. Call that person up or write her or him a letter to say thank you.

Take a Break.

If being the strong friend is draining, take a break from being the strong friend. Don’t feel like you need to answer every text or pick up every phone call. You’re the strong friend because you allow yourself to be the strong friend.

Challenge people to resolve their own issues. Let said individual(s) participate in the process of solving their own problems instead of hand delivering the answer on a silver platter. They may stumble at first, but over time they’ll build their capacity to stand on two feet without you. And if they don’t, well that’s not in your control and it’s not your responsibility.

“No” means “Yes”.

Saying no to others is saying yes to yourself. No further explanation needed.

Check on yourself.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How am I doing today?” Then go be weird and have a full on conversation with yourself. Hype yourself up. Be your own cheerleader! Find out what fills you up. Then go do that thing! Do whatever you need to do to stay healthy, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are responsible for you!

If you do check on yourself and for a second think that you may need professional help, please know you are not weak for asking. Go get the help you need.


I fully expect to receive some backlash from this post. I’m ready and prepared for it.

To all the mental health advocates that have the urge to come at my throat: I dealt with depression as a teenager and during the majority of my college years. I still don’t believe it was anyone’s job to check on me. I’m also a social worker that is trained to diagnose and treat mental health disorders, although I intentionally choose not to do that type of work. This is how I personally approach this for myself.

For all my strong friends out there, I’d love to hear your honest opinion. Do you agree? Did I miss the mark? Do you have other suggestions for all the strong friends out there? 

a little hump day sunshine.

I was nominated for my first Blogger Award ya’ll! ….twice!


I did something to that effect when the first one came through… Actually it was more like a twerk in bed, but those gifs were a little explicit lol…

Anywho, I am so grateful and honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by The Naked Writer, one of the first bloggers I found who was getting vulnerable and talking about real things too. She’s definitely one of my favorites in the blogging world and you should check her out! I was trying to find my favorite post of hers to share and after a bit of scrolling and skimming I’m just going to tell you to read them all! Seriously, it was too difficult trying to choose.

Just a few days later, a second nomination for the same award came through from Talking with Tati! Yasss! Thanks Blogger Babe! She’s definitely the sunshine we all need on a cloudy day. And if it happens to be an emotionally cloudy day for you and you need a good laugh, this is one of my favorites! – The day Kickboxing kicked my [insert explicit(s) here]

Real talk, this really means a lot to me. The blogging community has been one of the most supportive communities I have been a part of, and I love that things like this exist. It’s not easy writing about the stuff I share with you all. It’s tough shit that often stirs up a lot of emotions and even results in a few tears falling every now and then. So things like this help motivate me to continue. Thank you Naked Writer & Tati! ! I graciously accept the Sunshine Blogger Award!

 **P.S. Please excuse my short acceptance speech. It’s been an adjustment taking care of my 9 month old nephew this week and certainly a challenge getting anything done at all. I’m currently trying to ignore the crying, screams, and weird noises he is making as he fights falling asleep. 


What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? 

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award that’s given to bloggers who make us smile, entertain us, uplift us, or make content that we enjoy. It’s an award that’s used to acknowledge someone’s contributions as a blogger.

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs and write them 11 new questions. (I broke Part 1 of this rule)
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award photo in your post.

My Nominator asked me:

Why did you start blogging?   I’ve always enjoyed writing and always wanted to have a blog. So after my husband and I had our first annual New Year’s retreat I felt this nudge and desire to share my journey with others in hopes  that it might help someone out there. It took me 10 months to take the leap, but I did it. I covered this in much more detail in my very first post. Check it out if you’d like.

What are your hopes for your blog?   My hope is that one day my writing will have the power to change or impact someone’s life in a positive way, and that people will read what I have to say and join me in this journey of ripping off the filters and getting comfortable being authentic and vulnerable.

If I ever make money doing this, that would be the icing on the cake, but it’s not my primary concern.

What’s something that you’d like to blog about, but haven’t done yet?   Past trauma. But I don’t know if that is a part of my story that needs to be shared or kept private. Plus, I haven’t had the strength to share it face-to-face with the person that needs to hear it, so I can’t share it with you until that happens, if it ever does.

What are you working on outside of blogging?   Girllll! That’s a big question that I could take an entire blog post to answer. Hmmm… I’m working on me for starters. My personal and spiritual development is one of my top priorities right now. This alone is super challenging because a mirror is constantly being put in my face and I’m being shown all my flaws that I’m no longer able to ignore.

I’m also trying to figure out how to take this thing, this idea, this concept that God gave me to create something that solves a problem, that also generates a revenue. All tough stuff!

Are there any dreams you’ve had for many years?   To be one of the few people who get to make money doing something they love, and to make a difference while doing it.

What’s your favorite thing about where you currently live?   The insane amount of greenspace and parks there are. And the airport is 10 minutes from my house (you might only understand this one if you know where I was living prior to this).

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?   This is a really tough one! I’m adventurous in theory, but in reality I haven’t actually done very many of the adventurous items that are on my bucket list. Honestly, the first thing that popped into my head was that thing that involved a sex toy. But I thought about it a little more ….does ziplining through a forest count?

What is your most and least favorite things about blogging?

Best – The sometimes public, but mostly private texts and messages I get from the most unexpected people who share with me that my writing has an impact on them.

Least – the amount of time it takes to edit, revise, edit, proofread, move this, proofread again, find the right gif, edit, reread, make sure it makes sense and flows. You get the picture.

What kind of content do you want to see more of?   More of what I’ve already been sharing, with maybe a little bit of feminism inspired posts mixed in there. Mostly, I want to have more of those moments that make me say, “I need to write a post about this!”

What’s your favorite childhood memory?   I don’t even remember how old I was, but I’d have to say it was when I found out my oldest brother named me after his mother who passed away when he was young. That’s when I knew I was special.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a blogger?    Stay true to my voice. If it’s forced, don’t write it.sunshine_blogger_award_badge

And the Nominees Are…

  1. Healthy Living for Hot Messes 
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  4. Thorns and Lilies
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  6. Enthusiastically Yours 
  7. The Pages of Paige

This was hard since we follow a lot of the same blogs and there would have been double nominations a few times. 

Questions for My Nominees… 

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What are your hopes for your blog?
  3. What book are you currently reading? Or the last one you read?
  4. What is your favorite song?
  5. Where is your happy place?
  6. How do you practice self-care?
  7. What does your morning routine look like?
  8. What impact do you want to have on the world?
  9. Which post was your favorite to write?
  10. What are your favorite and least favorite things about blogging?
  11. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a blogger?

Alright nominees! I can’t wait to see the answers to your questions and to check out all the fellow bloggers you nominate!